15th c. dish from the Hoi An Hoard

15th c. dish from the Hoi An Hoard

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H: 8cm (3.1")Di: 13cm (5.1")


Dating from the 15th century, a deep dish from the Hoi An Hoard (shipwreck cargo).  The dish, now with a chalky glaze from 500 years under the sea, is ornamented with traces of petal and splash green glaze interspersed with evidence of iron red highlights.  On closer inpection, the ghostly traces of the original decoration are just visible on the base and body of the dish. The underside retains the label of provenance.  Origin: Vietnam.  Circa 1450-1500.

During the 15th century, off the Hoi An coast of Vietnam in the South China Sea, a trading vessel filled with ceramics vanished without a trace.  It was re-discovered by fishermen in the 1990s.  All pieces unique to the cargo were retained by Vietnamese museums for display.  The rest was sold at auction.