Georgian watercolour - 'Album Impromptu'

Georgian watercolour - 'Album Impromptu'

Code: FL4623


W: 29cm (11.4")H: 31cm (12.2")


A humorous and satirical Georgian framed watercolour entitled 'Caught at an Album-Impromptu!!' and dated 1826.  The beautifully detailed image depicts a seated gentleman and aspiring poet who has written an 'impromptu on an eye bath' clearly disgruntled to receive a visit from an enthusiastic friend who wishes to share his own two volumes of work.  The disgarded letter on the floor reads, 'Dear Humbug, with this I have sent the "Lines on a Dew Drop" - short and tender - hope they will suit. Ever yours, Tim Doggrel. P.S. Sonnet to Lip-Salve tomorrow.'  A charming original watercolour in a rosewood frame.  Dated 1826.