Regency print - A Rustic Retort

Regency print - A Rustic Retort

Code: FL2778


W: 49cm (19.3")H: 40cm (15.7")


A humorous Regency period, hand coloured etching - 'A Rustic Retort or A Wit Outwited' - made by Charles Williams and published by Thomas Tegg, Cheapside, London.  The satirical scene depicts a finely dressed Regency dandy introducing his country cousin to a group of Regency Ladies.  The speech bubbles read, 'Ladies this is my Cousin! and tho a country Bumpkin, I can assure you he is not so foolish as he appears to be!' to which the cousin replies, 'No Ladies and that is the precise difference between my Cousin and me!'. The etching is within a complimentary pale green mount and modern gilt frame.  Circa 1810-15.