Mind Your Head - 'Hogarth: a Life in Progress

For Fisher London's most recent “Mind Your Head” event, we were delighted to welcome Dr Jacqueline Riding to talk about her new book, Hogarth: Life in Progress.  Jacqueline is an art historian, historian, editor, advisor and author.  She specialises in British history and art of the long eighteenth century.  Formerly curator of the Palace of Westminster and Director of the Handel House Museum, she is the award-winning author of Peterloo: The Story of the Manchester Massacre and Jacobites: A New History of the 45 Rebellion as well as consultant for museums, galleries, historic buildings and feature films. Jacqueline was the historic adviser on Mike Leigh’s Mr. Turner (2014), Peterloo (2018) and Wash Westmoreland’s Colette (2018).