'In a Clearing'

'In a Clearing'

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W: 76.2cm (30")H: 55.9cm (22")


 Mixed media on paper.

Tim Wright is a London-based artist best known for large, expressively-handled oil paintings, which combine closely-observed figurative elements with passages of turbulent abstraction. Over a long career he has exhibited many times, both in the UK and overseas. His work features in many private collections. He is particularly well-known as the art advisor to the film ‘Mr Turner’, for which he taught the principal actor, Timothy Spall, to paint. He has made a number of media appearances, including BBC news and radio, Dutch and German arts programmes, the French series ‘Arte’, the BBC’s ‘Imagine’ and a Sky Arts documentary about Turner’s watercolours.

 His new exhibition ‘To the Temple in the Forest’, continues this investigation, but on a smaller and more intimate scale. These are works on paper in watercolour, chalk and pencil that record a succession of dream-like images, singular combinations, allusive symbols and fragments of stories.

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