'To The Temple In The Forest': Tim Wright

A new exhibition of works by Tim Wright at Fisher London from the 20th to the 25th of October, 2020. 

Tim Wright is a London-based artist best known for large, expressively-handled oil paintings, which combine closely-observed figurative elements with passages of turbulent abstraction. Over a long career he has exhibited many times, both in the UK and overseas. His recent work featured paintings that explored a mythical Arcadian location that drew on motifs inspired by the Baroque master carver, Grinling Gibbons. His new exhibition ‘To the Temple in the Forest’, continues this investigation, but on a smaller and more intimate scale. These are works on paper in watercolour, chalk and pencil that record a succession of dream-like images, singular combinations, allusive symbols and fragments of stories.

Hilary Fisher’s gallery, with its collection of exquisite antiques and mysterious objects, makes for an atmospheric setting, complimenting the brooding tone of these richly-worked and cryptic pieces. 


"To the Temple in the Forest is a series of works on paper in pencil, watercolour and chalk. They record a succession of dream-like images, singular combinations, allusive symbols and fragments of stories. Studies of elaborate rococo frames and oak-leaf wreaths act as gateways and openings into a sylvan world where strange rituals are enacted. Humans, animals and mythological characters inhabit an Arcadian landscape. This is a realm of half-seen and uncertain imaginings, ambiguous and open to interpretation. The pictures document various scenes and incidents of a disjointed journey. They are pieces of a map, clues to many possible pathways through a mysterious parallel world."


All works will be on sale and framed and are priced at £ 455 for small, £470 for medium, and £485 for large pieces. We have adapted our format to comply with government guidelines on Covid-19 so Tim will be conducting intimate tours of the exhibition where he will discuss his influences and inspiration. If you would like to come, please call or e-mail to request a time to visit.  The champagne and soft drinks are chilled but you are assured of a very warm welcome.

To The Temple To The Temple
In The Forest In The Forest
At The Tree Line At The Tree Line
Magic Mirror Magic Mirror
A Conversation A Conversation